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Do Salon, Spa + Medspa small and medium businesses need Live Call Answering?

It depends on who you ask. Many smaller salon and spa operators have opted not to have front desk receptionists as a way to save money. With 95% of the industry being independent contractors and the proliferation of salon suites, many beauty professionals are now sans-receptionist. Receptionists are no longer considered a necessity in the industry — especially with the hefty $4500+ monthly price tag and high turnover rates. Many businesses are also still seeking to downsize post-Covid to remain financially solvent or to keep up with social distancing guidelines.

However, is this a good idea for customer service? It’s well-known that failure to adequately respond to client inquiries is a huge dilemma for many small to medium size business operators. A whopping 62% of small businesses don’t answer phone calls which spells horrific results for business. 85% of missed callers will not call back or ultimately convert into paying customers if their original phone call is missed.

These statistics also ring true within the beauty industry — a recent survey from Behind the Chair elicited the following responses:

“It’s a huge inconvenience to have to stop in the middle of a service go answer the phone or do any type of desk work.”

“Not every stylist in the salon always takes on the responsibility of helping with the phone.”

“It’s really annoying not to have a receptionist. There needs to be a barrier.”

“Having to answer the phone in the middle of a service with a client is frustrating and makes you look unprofessional.”

“Clients pay for our time and care, not for us to have to leave to attend to the front desk.”

Live Call Answering Alternatives for Small + Medium Businesses

Well if a salon or spa doesn’t have a receptionist, how exactly do they expect to answer client inquiries? There are a few common alternatives we tend to see in the industry.

VOICEMAIL — Many salons and spas simply allow callers to leave voicemails. If you have an established down-market clientele, this may work. Millennial and Gen Z clients are notoriously reluctant to leave voicemails, and clients with questions may just keep calling businesses down the list until someone picks up. Mid-market or Upscale businesses across the board will find it very difficult to maintain clientele without any form of immediate support.

TEXT MESSAGE — Texting is a convenient and preferred contact method for many people in this day and age. However, if you are working behind the chair throughout the day how quickly can you realistically respond to texts? You are bound to miss important messages and inquiries with a text-only contact strategy — or worse enter into never-ending games of phone-tag due to delayed responses. Moreover there are still many clients who prefer to handle inquiries over the phone due to low technical acumen or even just the immediate convenience of a call.

ONLINE BOOKING — Online booking is undoubtedly an important asset for beauty businesses in this day and age. Making online booking available can cut the number of scheduling-related phone calls significantly and reduce your time spent on the phone. However, many callers will still need support with cancelling and rescheduling appointments, and many more may need help deciding what type of appointment to select in the first place. Others will simply want to have a brief conversation with their service provider before committing hundreds of dollars to their service.

If you can’t be bothered to give your prospective clients the time to have a brief introductory conversation,

why should they entrust you with their hair, skin, face, or body?

Are Bowtie, Numa or TrueLark good ideas for Salons, Spas + Medspas?

AI-POWERED TEXT SOLUTIONS — Salon and spa software solutions like Bowtie from Mind Body, Numa, and Truelark may seem to be convenient alternatives to a receptionist. However, they are very limited in their ability to answer FAQs and engage in general scheduling requests. A text bot will be very obvious and could potentially frustrate clients with complex + individualized questions or requests. New clients in particular may be turned off by the impersonal nature of an AI-powered bot. If you can’t be bothered to give your prospective clients the time to have a brief introductory conversation, why should they entrust you with their hair, skin, face, or body?

We’ve also heard from our clients that Bowtie, Numa, and Truelark result in an inordinate number of salon + spa industry-specific messages that cannot be answered from the AI. This leaves beauty business owners with an additional 30–90 minutes of follow-up every evening that can be burdensome for small and medium business owners. This delay may be viewed as unprofessional or unacceptable especially for businesses seeking to reach a more affluent clientele.

Gaining the confidence of a potential client is a delicate art that the Virtual Receptionists here at My Salon Desk’s Answering Service have mastered. We spend on average 7–12 minutes on the phone to convert new Medspa clients, and are proud to boast a 97% conversion rate. Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, and Nurse Aestheticians / Injectors alike can feel confident that their clients are in great hands with our remote service.

Some of My Salon Desk’s Live Call Answering Key Features:

Appointment Booking

We can book + reschedule appointments directly into your booking software.

Quick + Timely Service

We answer most calls within just 1 ring — and say “goodbye” to your callers being placed on extended holds.

White-Glove Service

Our associates are all required to hold at least 2 years of experience in high-end client service.

Free Follow Up

We relay messages from your clients at no extra charge. Select a phone call, encrypted SMS or email-based delivery.


Our US-based Receptionists are licensed estheticians, students, or beauty professionals.

Custom Integrations

The My Salon Desk platform is fully API-enabled, powering an unlimited range of integrations and supporting advanced automations.

Small Cohorts

Our Receptionists work in small cohorts, enabling them to become more familiar with your business practices.

Reliable 7 days / wk

No more flaky, “sick” employees. We are open for business almost everyday 8 am to 9 pm!

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How a Live Answering Service Works

Virtual Receptionists in a salon or spa Live Answering Service support your clients remotely; your clients will never realize the Receptionist isn’t by your side within your business. Most service focus primarily on phone-based contact, but what makes My Salon Desk unique is that we are focus on the beauty industry exclusively. This means that we can answer questions related to your service menu, pricing, procedures + treatments, contraindications, professional products, and more! My Salon Desk will quickly become a seamless part of your business and maintains brand continuity for your clients.

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What Salon + Spa Software can a Live Answering Services Support?

We’re proud to work with almost all common Salon + Spa Scheduling Software! Our Virtual Receptionists are fully trained in all aspects of appointment setting, re-scheduling, and cancellation. Live Call Answering platform supports:

  • MindBody
  • Booker
  • Square
  • Acuity
  • Fresha
  • Gloss Genius
  • Vagaro
  • Aesthetic Record
  • Aesthetic Pro
  • Envision
  • Orchid Spa Software
  • Salon Iris
  • Zenoti
  • Boulevard Salon Software
  • Mangomint
  • Phorest (in some cases)
  • Jane App
  • And More!

How Salon + Spa Live Answering Services Can Support You?

Many beauty professionals are initially skeptical about the ability of an outside live answering service handle calls for their small or medium-sized business. Understandably so, as the phone receptionist is often the first point of contact for a new client. My Salon Desk stands alone in that we are the only Salon + Spa Specialty Virtual Receptionist / Answering Service. We exclusively handle beauty businesses — our expertise makes us a much better alternative to other Answering Services that make frequent scheduling errors and constantly send you messages requiring follow-up.

  • We actually can handle almost 100% of calls forwarded our way without ever needing to disturb your workflow.
  • We Schedule and Book Appointments directly into your scheduling software
  • We bill by call volume instead of by minute — We take as long as needed to answer your clients’ concerns
  • We are reliably open when you are 7 days a week

Rest assured that our experienced receptionists will provide white-glove service to your clients without skipping a beat! They know to book color appointments before haircuts, and how many units of Botox® are required to treat Marionette lines. Our Receptionists are required to have at least 2 years of High-End + Luxury Client Service Experience in the beauty industry.

We frequently hear from our businesses that their clients come in asking for the Receptionist by name, and that they frequently receive compliments on the quality of service. My Salon Desk clients also report better work-life balance, fewer missed calls, higher earnings, and an average increase of 26% in new client acquisition.

We also support Beauty + Lifestyle E-Commerce Businesses!

As we continue to expand our service offerings, we are pleased to also now provide bespoke Contact Center Solutions for businesses within the beauty, lifestyle, wellness, and fashion industries! In addition to traditional inbound call answering, we can also assist with E-commerce customer service, outbound calling, CRM management, and more! Our skilled + trained Receptionists can function as Virtual Assistants for your brand while maintaining your brand voice and standard of high-quality service.

Via our Outbound Lead Marketing feature, our Virtual Receptionists can call and / or text your leads from PPC Ads, Webforms, or even your CRM. We maximize conversion rates by establishing custom call cadences or “funnels”: for instance, a call on Day 1, a text on Day 2, and another call on Day 3. Custom Dashboarding + Reporting is also available for higher-volume accounts.

Traditional BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) arrangements can cost thousands of dollars (and take hundreds of work-hours) to implement due to the investment required for training. By taking advantage of our existing industry expertise, you can eliminate the training step and begin service within as little as one business day. We are pleased to support businesses of all sizes by offering affordable Plans with no term commitments — both new startups and large-scale enterprises alike can benefit from customized call center staffed by impeccably trained Virtual Receptionists. Get in touch today to learn how we can support your omnichannel clientele service strategy.

We service the following industries:

  • Cosmetics, Skincare + Haircare E-Commerce Retailers
  • Fashion or Wedding E-Commerce Retailers
  • Health + Wellness Retailers
  • Fitness Coaches + Boutique Gym Studios
  • Nutritionists + Meal Delivery Services
  • Coaches + Consultants

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